The minimum quantity of bulk purchase is approximately 30 metres per fabric. The conditions of ordering the fabric are agreed separately.   

The wholesale store is located in the inner court of AS Eesti Tekstiil at Kadaka tee 44, in Tallinn.  


Phone: 6 587 895 
Fax: 6 575 410 
Monday- Thursday. 8.15- 17.00 
Friday. 8.15- 15.45 
e-mail: juta.malts@eestitekstiil.ee        


AS Eesti Tekstiil offers the sewing service! We can sew: bedclothes, bedcovers, tablecloths, napkins, towels and curtains.  

We can use both the client’s own fabrics and the fabrics available in our shop or wholesale store for sewing. If you buy a suitable fabric from us, the sewing service is cheaper than it is when using the client’s fabric.  


Our main clients are hotels, restaurants, cafés, schools, nursery schools, catering companies and private persons. For hotels we make bedclothes, curtains and tablecloths. Our product selection includes non-flammable curtain fabrics and stain-repellent tablecloth fabrics.   

The deadlines are short and prices favourable!   

We can also offer the transport service! Van can be ordered both for transporting goods and for moving.  

We have a Renault Messenger van with a maximum loading capacity of three tonnes and volume of 13 cubic metres. An hourly fee is applicable in Tallinn and a kilometre-based fee is charged for transport outside the boundaries of Tallinn.   

For more information:
Phone: 6 587 900 
e-mail: info@eestitekstiil.ee